Pieter Laurens Mol – « passage souterrain »

Pieter Laurens Mol – « passage souterrain »

« Passage Souterrain »

(portraits of the artist and his family)

Exhibition from Oct. 16 to Dec. 15, 2015

« First of all, the structures that belong to the world of shapes
Should be rearranged in such a way that they reach
Towards the expression of a state of mind. »

(excerpt from « The Harvest » Pieter Laurens Mol – autumn 1983)

A large scope of the artist’s works about portrait will be on view in this exhibition, with works from various period including photographs, sculptures and installations.

More than a playful reference toward the artist’s name (“Mol“ means “mole“ in Dutch), the exhibition “Passage Souterrain“ invites the visitors to litterally immerse themselves into the artist’s thoughts and intimacy. One should not expect to admire classical portraits as they have received a very personal, artistic treatment from Pieter Laurens Mol.

These portraits question states of mind and matter and should therefore be seen and experienced as mental constructions. The visitor could even appreciate constellations or landscapes. Certain artworks comprise texts or artist’s family member pictures. Portraits of Pieter Laurens Mol « generate another set of views with regard to extensions in space and time » (Pieter Laurens Mol) and are not only focused on the artist physiognomy.

With respect to the Dutch legacy of portrait paintings and his very famous predecessors (Rembrandt or Van Gogh, to name but a few), the visitor could always identify poetic ideas or atmosphere which justify title and meaning of the Pieter Laurens Mol’s works as “portraits“.

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